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Kevin Costain
Kevin Costain
Happy Family Day holiday to everyone. So much is going on and I thought I’d signal 10 more things to take note of. Thanks for being here.

Ⅰ - [Software]> Essence is touted as a ‘Desktop operating system built from scratch.’ It’s a very Windows-like OS and seems like it’s on the right track but still in development.
Ⅱ - [Health]> The Canadian Government has launched an app for mental health called PocketWell. This comes as Bell Let’s Talk day is January 26, 2022.
Ⅲ - [Health]> More information on how Omicron symptoms differ from earlier variants of the virus. The hope is, if this is milder, this could lead to COVID being endemic.
Ⅳ - [Utility]> Nirsoft has released a new Outlook password recovery tool (my go-to is Nir’s great MailPass). This tool looks to handle this process better.
Ⅴ - [Online]> It looks like Google will KILL its FREE legacy edition of Google Mail and Apps and force existing users to pay for a subscription. This existed now for 10 years and Google, as usual, is killing another thing they offered. If you use Google for mail, check to make sure that you don’t have to adjust. There’s a hack to leverage Cloudflare, but it doesn’t seem like something to do in production.
Ⅵ - [Health]> This week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has tested positive for COVID-19. He added that people should get vaccinated and boosted.
Ⅶ - [Financed]> Apple has announced a feature that will turn an iPhone into a payment terminal. This will allow businesses to take payments with software and an iPhone.
Ⅷ - [Gameing]> Wordle has exploded in popularity. As such, off-shoots of this are popping up. You can get Wordle for MS Word 97. Within the Wordle code are all the answers, which you could just look up. There’s a SSH-based Wordle at on port 3000 (no user/password). Many have considered what the best starting word is, so why not use mathematics? also, yes, Wordle was sold to the New York Times.
Ⅸ - [Business]> Canada Post’s epost services will shut down in December 2022. Now is a good time to start transitioning away from this if you use it.
Ⅹ - [Roadways]> The Ontario Government will remove tolls on HWY 412 and 418, a move that may be timed suspiciously leading up to an election 6 months from now, but is also an indication that they’re aware those highways were being underused. It’s also been reported that they might remove plate stickers also.
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