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Kevin Costain
Kevin Costain
I’m back again after a bit of a break. Thank you to all the subscribers. Lots of stuff to share, and as always I pick the most interesting, worth-reading posts I come across.
Ⅰ - [Security]> Malware targeting Ukraine called “wiper” tools is of great interest. There’s a good chance that these will be used against the West also.
Ⅱ - [Identification]> Ontario is working towards a fall rollout of Digital IDs. This page goes over some of the standards in play.
Ⅲ - [Health]> A new blood test determines whether a person will have a heart attack with even more accuracy.
Ⅳ - [Hardware]> Modular computers aren’t new - and Pockit seems to be a good addition to the list. One of these things is going to hit mass appeal. 
Ⅴ - [Hosting]> If you’re wondering why using GoDaddy is always a bad idea, here’s another: a bunch of sites hosted on GD were backdoored in a huge hack.
Ⅵ - [Business]> Walmart plans to bring hundreds of new tech jobs to the Toronto area by setting up a tech hub. Great news for the area. 
Ⅶ - [Health]> A Biotech firm is looking to delay menopause by 15 years. Something like this would transform women’s lives.
Ⅷ - [Cognition]> People jumping to conclusions is a real societal challenge as we push people to make decisions with lesser information. Scientific American covers this idea in an article worth reading.
Ⅸ - [Internet]> Bell has launched 3GBs Internet connections in the Toronto area. This is incredible for anyone sitting on fibre at the home. I have installed and it’s amazing. Not to be outdone, Rogers plans an 8gbs service.
Ⅹ - [Business]> Backup/NAS company Datto to be Acquired by Kaseya for $6.2 Billion. Could this signal issues with Datto?
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Kevin Costain
Kevin Costain @cwlco

A personally sourced, easy-to-scan tech-centred list of stories from all over the Internet. Since I make it my mission to understand the pulse of the tech industry, I wanted to share the results of this effort with you.

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