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Kevin Costain
Kevin Costain
Facebook is down! Whatsapp too! Here’s something to keep you occupied tonight :) A note that this issue forward will run on the newsletter service Revue. I’m always trying new stuff and I’m looking forward to how this platform works out. Nothing else will change, so on with The Protocol!

Ⅰ - [Business]> Stripe plans to open an office in Toronto. Expect new products for our market too. Payment tool Square has released the Square Card also.
Ⅱ - [History]> Take a look at some great restored footage of the 1971-era Toronto Transit Commission.
Ⅲ - [Right To Repair]> Some interesting news has surfaced after iFixit tore down an iPhone 13 and looked at the battery. “Put simply, Apple is locking batteries to their iPhones.” I did a review of the iPhone 13 you might want to check out. In iOS15, you can now enable a feature in Find My to track your phone when it’s powered off. Too late for me, though.
Ⅳ - [Privacy]> The privacy implications of consumer DNA sequencing are far-reaching. Check out “Your DNA is Already in a Database
Ⅴ - [Hosting]> Docker-Compose v2 has been released. This tool has been rewritten in Go.
Ⅵ - [Social Media]> 60 Minutes reported on a Facebook Whistleblower this weekend. We’ve suspected this, but the proof appears to be coming forward. Verge also reports. This long-standing problem of outrage-influence has been studied by Yale.
Ⅶ - [Fiancial Crime]> First, there were the Panama papers. Now, the Pandora papers - a massive leak of documents revealing what the wealthy do to protect their money (or launder it).
Ⅷ - [Hardware]> Apple’s Watch 7 pre-orders will begin on Friday, October 8 at 8 am Eastern and starts at $529.
Ⅸ - [Mobile]> Android 12 has been released by Google and seems to be a facelift.
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Kevin Costain
Kevin Costain @cwlco

A personally sourced, easy-to-scan tech-centred list of stories from all over the Internet. Since I make it my mission to understand the pulse of the tech industry, I wanted to share the results of this effort with you.

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