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THE PROTOCOL 2021 ©Kevin Costain

Kevin Costain
Kevin Costain
Welcome to October! The leaves are changing and so is this newsletter. This issue forward will run on the newsletter service Revue. I’m always trying new stuff and I’m looking forward to this one. On with The Protocol!

Ⅰ - [Networking]> Facebook’s recent 6-hour outage gets a detailed rundown from Cloudflare. This is what happened. It’s said that Zuck lost about $6 billion because of the failure.
Ⅱ - [Security]> More on a nasty python script that targets and encrypts Vmware ESXi hosts.
Ⅲ - [Travel]> The U.S.-Canada border is set to open for Canadians on Nov 8th for non-essential travel and many are welcoming the news.
Ⅳ - [Health]> The province of Ontario has released its app to scan and verify proof of vaccines. The app runs on iOS and Android. A process to add your proof of vaccine to Apple’s Wallet has also been updated to reflect this system.
Ⅴ - [Business]> Toronto window installation company Magic Window‘s libel lawsuit was thrown out and the couple was awarded $166,000 for costs over - bad online reviews they refused to take down. The judge says Magic Windows bright the lawsuit to “bully the defendants into removing their reviews.” Follow this rabbit hole and see the news story, then take a look at the review (source), and then see the full decision.
Ⅵ - [Hardware]> Apple held its October ‘Unleashed’ event and announced several things:
: A new Apple Music plan called “Voice Plan” for $4.99 USD a month that gives a mostly barebones Music experience.
: Third-generation AirPods for $239.00 CDN (these are not the “Pro” models). Notable is the inclusion of Magsafe.
: New HomePod mini colours.
: New Macbooks that include a return of the Magsafe charger, M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs, Promotion, a new 16" screen, a notch, no touch bar, and lots and lots of ports. Apple seems to have learned several lessons in one single iteration of its product. Going to the highest model might set you back a cool $7,500.00+
: A Polishing Cloth for all your Apple devices. $25.00.
: macOS Monterey will roll out on October 25th.
Ⅶ - [Hardware]> Google also announced its Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones (starting at $799 CAD and $1,179 CAD). Order from Google.
: Android 12 is now available
: A new Pixel Stand wireless charger
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Kevin Costain
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