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Kevin Costain
Kevin Costain
So much going on. I’ve added an iPhone 13 mini-review to my blog as well as a look at Logmein’s lack of shortcut options. My discord channel is full of WIndows 11 and Docker talk. In fact, one test of a document management system lead me to the developer. My idea with the Discord channel is to use it as a place to take notes on the technologies I try/test/work with. For now, let’s look at ten interesting stories.

Ⅰ - [Travel]> Canada has quietly lifted its advice to avoid all non-essential travel, even if vaccinated. A sign that things are slowly improving in the fight against COVID. Nov 8th travel to the U.S. by land will also be possible. Also, Canada’s ban on Morroco has been lifted. In other news, the national vaccine-proof system is starting to take shape as we face a possible springtime with most restrictions lifted. Air Canada has launched portable self-administered COVID tests.
Ⅱ - [Electric Vehicles]> Car rental company Hertz has ordered 100,000 Telas to add its fleet. For a rental car company to differentiate, I think this is a great move.
Ⅲ - [Hardware]> The new Macbook Pro reviews are coming in [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] and their predictably glowing. I wonder if a positive Apple product review actually has any effect on sales of these devices?
Ⅳ - [Networking]> Popular remote monitoring and management tool NinjaRMM has been renamed to NinjaOne.
Ⅴ - [Media]> NFTs are exploding. Want proof of this? Adobe’s Photoshop will soon include features to prepare media specifically to sell on NFT marketplaces. 
Ⅵ - [Malware]> Virustotal is releasing a Security Partner program that allows IT companies to offer a single pane of glass view of malware events.
Ⅶ - [Hardware]> Chip and hardware shortages have been a constant lately, and the news is that “the shortages are going to continue indefinitely.” Not good. Not good at all. Apple reportedly lost $6 billion because of the shortages.
Ⅷ - [App]> Writing tools are incredibly common, but Enso really zeros in on free-flow writing. The tool disappears text as you write in an effort to keep you from editing. Try it here.
Ⅸ - [Word]> Canada is #1 in U.S. News “Overall Best Countries” beating Japan and Germany. 
Ⅹ - [Infrastructure]> A closer look at Toronto’s underwater cooling system and how it actually works.
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