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THE PROTOCOL 2021 ©Kevin Costain - Issue #4

Kevin Costain
Kevin Costain
Recent tech news in 10 stories or less.
You may have noticed my lack of reporting on the recent Rogers family saga. There is good reason for that, but, ultimately it seems Edward Rogers has prevailed. Let the Succession TV Show references commence.
We’re almost in the shopping storm called Back Friday, and if my calculations are correct, that puts us in early-Black Friday. Or something. That just means the popular Christmas ritual is inching closer.

Ⅰ - [Environment]> Is carbon capture here? Asks a New York Times headline. If we can capture carbon from the atmosphere reliably, it may ease our warming future
Ⅱ -[Software]> Microsoft’s Edge browser is now stable for Linux. Microsoft’s improbable support for open source rolls on.
Ⅲ -[Hardware]> DJI has released new drones in its Mavic line. The Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Cine are now available. 
Ⅳ - [Health]> Pfizer is working on a COVID vaccine in pill form and it seems to be quite effective
Ⅴ - [Security]> The RCMP is looking for companies that can use Artificial intelligence to crack secure passwords
Ⅵ - [Hardware]> Microsoft announced a Chromebook competitor, the $249USD Surface Laptop SE. The Windows SE documentation is quite interesting. No reinstallation rights, even on the same hardware later. Microsoft had had a number of difficulties launching a stripped-down version of Windows, so this may be a real test. 
Ⅶ - [Business]> Portugal Makes it illegal for your boss to text you outside work hours. It seems odd on the surface, but European labour laws do appear to protect the worker more and more. 
Ⅷ - [Cryptocurrency]> The Bitcoin/Blockchain hype is real with it sitting at over $81,000 CAD per. I went back to a piece from 2011 entitled Why bitcoin will fail. Did it age well? Probably, but the rebuttal is worth the read 😊
Ⅸ - [Quantum]> I feel like I’ve mentioned it before, but China is making some serious moves in quantum computing. Being a quantum superpower might yield some serious advantages.
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Kevin Costain
Kevin Costain @cwlco

A personally sourced, easy-to-scan tech-centred list of stories from all over the Internet. Since I make it my mission to understand the pulse of the tech industry, I wanted to share the results of this effort with you.

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