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THE PROTOCOL 2021 ©Kevin Costain - Issue #5

Kevin Costain
Kevin Costain
Hello everyone. I’m hoping all of you have a wonderful holiday season. I’ll be working through most of the holidays if you need anything. Here are nine stories I’m watching right now.
Ⅰ - [Security]> You never want to know this, but here’s the research on negotiating with ransomware attackers.
Ⅱ - [Economy]> This video raises many interesting ideas about how we can get to a post-capitalist society many say we have to get to.
Ⅲ - [Programming]> Microsoft has released the open-source Power Fx programming language. It’s an interesting Excel-like coding style called ‘low code’.
Ⅳ - [Crime]> Wild. A Hamilton, ON teenager, managed to steal $36 million in cryptocurrency with a SIM swapping hack before being caught by the RCMP.
Ⅴ - [Hardware]> Sony’s $9,000 Airspeak S1 drone is now available. The drone can carry an entire full-frame mirrorless camera.
Ⅵ - [Health]> It’s grim, but researchers are finding that survivors of severe COVID-19 die within a year. The harsh emerging reality of the long-lasting effects of this virus.
Ⅶ - [Crime]> Apparently thieves are using Airtags to track down cars they want to steal.
Ⅷ - [Security]> The Canadian govt has released a ransomware playbook to help businesses in this fight.
Ⅸ - [Security]> A huge exploit in Apache’s Log4j 2 library is causing havoc all over the Internet. Some of the payload being injected is ransomware and crypto mining/theft tools. Microsoft. Huntress has a tool to test for this vulnerability. The majority of attacks seem to be from Russia. On docker, Linusserver containers are very commonly used, they have a page for this.
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Kevin Costain
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A personally sourced, easy-to-scan tech-centred list of stories from all over the Internet. Since I make it my mission to understand the pulse of the tech industry, I wanted to share the results of this effort with you.

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